Tips For Caring For Your Business's Propane Storage Tank

Posted on: 24 June 2017

Propane is an extremely useful fuel source for both residential and commercial properties. When a business needs to store a large amount of propane, a large tank can be an excellent option for safely meeting this need. However, these tanks will need you to regularly care for them if some common issues are to be avoided.

Trim Bushes Away From The Propane Tank

Individuals will frequently find that they do not enjoy the sight of a large metal storage tank on their property. This can lead individuals to place bushes and other plants around the tank in an effort to hide it. However, these bushes can actually cause extensive damage to the propane tank. If the branches from the buses are allowed to rub against the storage tank, they damage the protective coating that prevents the tank from rusting. As a result, placing bushes in close proximity to the tank can contribute to it corroding. You will want several feet of clearance between the bushes and the tank to avoid the branches scratching the tank when strong winds move through the area.

Have The Propane Tank Inspected On A Frequent Basis

While a propane storage tank is designed to have a lifespan of many years, these tanks will still need regular inspections. Despite the tank itself being designed to last for a decade or longer, there can be various seals that can start to degrade much sooner. As these seals degrade, propane may start to leak out of the tank, which can be both expensive and extremely dangerous. If you have the storage tank professionally inspected each year, you will be able to have issues with the tank repaired before they can lead to severe problems. In addition to helping your tank avoid leaks and other routine problems, these inspections may also be required to get a permit to have a large propane storage tank on the property. Failure to have the large propane storage tank inspected can lead to expensive fines and liabilities or the revocation of the tank's permit. Luckily, most propane storage tank installation and repair services can offer these inspections.

Test The Propane Tank's Emergency Shutoff Valve

Sadly, there can be instances where you are suddenly facing a completely unexpected problem. These issues can lead to safety problems as uncontrolled gas leaks can be an extremely serious problem due to the fire risks and toxic nature of propane. When these situations arise, you will have to act extremely quickly to stop the fire from spreading. One of the first steps you may need to take is to shut off the flow of fuel to the fire. With a propane storage tank, this means using the emergency shutoff valve. Over periods of inactivity, this valve can become increasingly difficult to turn due to dirt and dust getting compacted. If the valve is difficult to turn, it can slow your response to this dangerous situation, but testing the valve twice a year can help to keep it from getting too difficult to turn.

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