Ensure Your Organization Is Compliant With Hazardous Waste Management

Posted on: 4 April 2017

For any organization that produces or handles hazardous waste, compliance is important. When you fail to properly dispose of these materials, you may expose the local community to a threat and you can even be hit with a fine from the local governing body responsible for monitoring environmental services. Is your organization making a costly mistake?

Proper Labeling

If all the waste storage containers are not properly labeled on your site, you are not being compliant. Since all waste materials have different storage and disposal requirements, it is important that each individual container be labeled so that its contents can be clearly identified by anyone. Without proper labeling the material could be stored, handled or disposed of incorrectly, creating a serious safety hazard.

Secure Lid

It would seem like something easy to remember, but there are some organizations that simply forget to place a secure lid on their storage containers. A secure lid is one that doesn't just contain the waste material and prevent a leak, but that is also air tight to ensure harmful fumes or vapors are not escaping out. If your lids aren't doing this, they are likely not compliant.

Minor, Harmless Dumping

Some organizations are under the impression that as long as they only dump a small, harmless amount of waste in the municipal sewer system, everything will be okay. This idea is completely false. Even a small amount of hazardous waste within the local water system is enough to cause a problem. Remember that it is never okay to dump any waste, in any quantity, within the sewer system.

Storage Limitations

If you aren't being mindful of storage limitations, you could also be going about the process of handling your waste management improperly. Most governing organizations will put a storage quantity limit on certain materials, especially those that are considered highly toxic, such as no more than 50 gallons. Even if you are storing these materials properly, if you are exceeding this amount, you are still opening the door to a fine and possibly putting the safety of others at risk.

The rules concerning hazardous waste production, storage and waste can vary from area to area and industry to industry. One of the best ways to ensure you are compliant and protecting the environment is to hire a hazardous waste management firm to assist you. These professionals will review your procedures and help you develop a safe and efficient plan.